Thank You 2017

I would like to formally thank 2017 for kicking my ass, and the asses of those around me. This year was a tornado nightmare that we apparently could not wake up from. If you had a good year, or perceivably a good year, I want you to go look in the mirror, look deep into your eyes, say out loud that you are a piece of shit, and then put your MAGA hat back on, and go back to your job as an unpaid intern for Paul Ryan.

As many of you know, and read, this year has been a barrel of garbage set on fire on the lower east side for me. It was full of shit, maybe had a rat or two inside, and was captured on many people’s instagram stories. I began this year on the roof of my Ridgewood apartment with my roommate, Alexis, who I adore dearly, and our neighbors who we had just met that night drinking champagne out of the bottle looking out at the New York skyline. What a picturesque beginning to the garbage fire that would become my life.

Even though I am deeply in debt and necessitate some serious therapy 362 days into this year, I am so thankful. This year I learned how to stand up for myself, and honestly, as a twenty-three year old woman living in this world, what a better gift to glean. I could list the issues that I encountered, but what good would that do. I’m not trying to create a black list of my life, I’m trying to grow and be better, and also not put myself in situations where I feel small. I mean like physically small is fine, because I am a tiny dainty woman.

Here are somethings that I am thankful for over the last year:

  1. UCBT and all of the friends and teachers and bosses I have had. Oh my god this place has changed my life forever and I am so excited to come back and kick some comedy ass and made more friends and laugh and laugh and laugh.
  2. My mother, who has dropped everything twice and driven me across the country twice in pursuit (or to flea) my dreams. She is an angel I don’t deserve.
  3. All of the 1000 different jobs I have had over the last year. Some were amazing and kind and the best learning experience, and others sucked the soul out of me and made me feel like a tiny dainty woman in a bad way. What I have learned from my 1000 different jobs is that some build you up and others tear you down into the person they think you are. Then I remember that I went to a top liberal arts school and studied English. Poli Sci, and Philosophy, so like I think I’m fine. Something better will come along down the road and feed me creatively, and I’ll chronicle all of these mishaps and laugh at the all the stress I put on myself to work a shitty retail job.
  4. MY FRIENDS. My sweet sweet friends, far and wide. You all are so patient and kind when I don’t respond for years to your texts, and call you crying after we haven’t spoken in months only wanting to talk about myself. All I can say is, my friends are the best, I love them so much.
  5. Finally, I am thankful for women. I think that women have had, perhaps, one of the most stressful years since the Salem Witch Trials, but through it all we are resilient. I am so lucky to be a woman, and to have strong women around me who wish to dismantle the patriarchy in all of it’s forms.

Most of all I am thankful to 2017 because this was the worst year of my life, and I really don’t think that it can get much worse. All of my years to come are going to be better, and more full of life and love and other things that make me feel like a full human being. We are one year closer to Trump being impeached, and one year closer to Elizabeth Warren being HBIC. I am so excited for next year, for all of us.

Thank you 2017, you son of a bitch.

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